HD Research Institute

The Human Development Forum Foundation receives large and small grants to perform research on a multitude of topics related to ASEAN and development. Some of our most recent research products include a Study on the Implications on Land Tenure Law with regard to the ASEAN Economic Community in Thailand, and Land Rights of Foreign Nationals in Thailand.

Currently, we have a grant from the Korea Green Foundation to evaluate off-grid alternative energy projects in rural Laos and Thailand.

The Chairman’s Circle, which is sponsored by the Plan International where every two months, is a forum hosted by HDFF for the Greater Bangkok Community to convene and discuss ASEAN related events. Our next Chairman’s Circle will be on June 27, 2017.

We also provide consultancy services for Security and Safety Issues to fit your organizations’ needs. We perform country risk assessments for NGO workers who travel frequently to high-risk areas, site assessments such as hotel evaluation, and emergency planning. Contact us at info@hdff.org for more information or to set up a meeting so we can better understand your needs.

HDFF’s Research Activities have been supported by