South Thailand Incident Statistics

HDFF compiled the data from 2012 for the South Thailand Incident Map into a few core statistics registering over 1100 casualties during this period.

The greatest number of casualties occurred in Narathiwat, with 317 injured or killed, while Yala experienced the fewest, at 212 injured or killed. Pattani, however, had the highest overall death toll with 109 fatalities. The most dangerous districts in each province were Hat Yai in Songhkla (309 victims), Yala district in Yala (121 victims), Sai Buri in Pattani (102 victims) and Rueso district in Narathiwat (90 victims).

Civilian and military casualties

69 % of victims were reported as civilians, 17 % were military personnel and a smaller amount of attacks targeted local administration, defense volunteers and academic personnel. Most casualties were caused by vehicle bombs, improvised explosive devices and gunshots. However, shootings were far more likely to be fatal and represent 64 % of casualties.

Dangerous days and times

The majority of injured and deaths occurred on Saturday, with 48 % of victims. This is

however distorted by the large car bomb attacks in Hat Yai that injured 300 persons. The next most dangerous days are Monday, Friday and Tuesday. The most dangerous time is at the start and the end of the day, (6 AM – noon and 7PM – midnight).