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 “Stay Safe Training” (SST) for (I)NGO, Government and UN organizations, as well as Corporate

Improve your organization’s “Duty of Care” profile through Stay Safe Training


Around the world humanitarian workers as well as organizations’ implementing and monitoring personnel run an ever-greater risk of becoming victims of conflict and/or violence. Implementing organizations understand that today humanitarian work is an increasingly risky endeavor with annually several hundred victims of attacks, and many more encountering life threatening situations. These include road traffic-accidents, ambush, kidnapping, war/conflict like zones as well as natural or man-made disasters, active shooters, terrorism, or petty theft. Based on international practice and jurisprudence one key obligation for organizations is “Duty of Care” which includes the need for providing training in order to minimize the risks for implementing and traveling personnel.

Against this backdrop, the Human Development Forum Foundation (HDFF) has and continues to developing up-to date “Stay Safe Training (SST)”. Since 2011 these have been successfully conducted with participants working across the globe, from Ghana in West Africa, to Iraq in the Middle East, to Afghanistan in South Asia, to Myanmar, Thailand, and Indonesia in Southeast Asia. HDFF currently offers several types of “Stay Safe Trainings (SST)” aiming

a.) to increase the understanding of proactive security attitude and measures,

b.) to enhance the resilience of personnel when working in hazardous environments,

c.) to provide personnel with basic tools and techniques needed to avoid or handle adequately endangering or potentially dangerous situations,

All “Stay Safe Training (SST)” courses are certified by the Asian Institute for Technology (AIT) with a three year internationally valid certificate.


Recent Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) – Cha-am

Human Development Forum Foundation’s most recent Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) at Naresuan “Law Enforcement Training Centre” Camp approx. 2 hours from Bangkok.  Certified by Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) our carefully designed HEAT training aims to improve participants personal and team stress, reaction and alertness for the preparation of working in Hostile Environments.

This training brought participants from various NGOs in the ASEAN and surrounding regions together to take part in a training that should be necessary for anyone working in the field. Participants learnt to develop on their own, and their teams safety skills through a 5 day intensive course including:

  • First Aid
  • Fire Fighting in the Field
  • Checkpoint Behaviour
  • Evacuation protocol
  • Ambush and Crowd Control
  • Kidnapping survival strategies
  • Rescue by Force behaviour

Participants were overall satisfied with the training stating that the scenarios were realistic, the simulation design professional and the trainers excellent with careful debriefing and support.


Host Service: HDFF and Naresuan “Law Enforcement Training Centre” Camp

Session date: Friday 19-23rd August 2019

Location: Naresuan Camp, Cha-am Thailand

Facilitator: HDFF team and external experts

Number of Attendees: 11


2017 -08-18 Kracheng Event Summary



Event Summary:

As part of HDFF community activities, the Kracheng Community Based Flood Prevention Project was held on 18th of August 2017 in Kracheng, Ayuthaya. The training was prepared by Human Development Forum Foundation (HDFF), an organization based in Thailand and delivered by HDFF’s highly professional team and external experts as well as supported by the Royal Thai Armed Forces HQ Dep. J5 (Civil Military Affairs).

The training outlined the basic “useful knots” and illustrated how these knots can be used during disaster related circumstances, the 14 items which are useful/useless in flood caused evacuation, and sand sack filling for building a flood barrier and the demonstrations of correct filling procedure and sandbagging techniques.

The training was intended for representatives of the 3 villages of Kracheng (Ayuthaya Province) with a total number of participants 190 people of which, 70 were adults and approximately 120 kids who joined the activities and were provided with:

>basic useful knots;

>Useful/useless items during flood evacuation;

>a sandbag dam for flood protection

The training was well received with enthusiasm.


Host Service: HDFF and Royal Thai Armed Forces HQ Dep. J5(Civil Military Affairs)

Session date: Friday 18th August 2017

Location: Kracheng, Ayuthaya

Facilitator: HDFF team and external experts

Number of Attendees: 190